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The general change in the weather pattern has not spared Andalucia either, but we do have a lot of
sunshine still! In some tourist advert they told us once, that we have a minimum of 300 days of sunshine –
we do know it ́s more!!
The last few years were all in all much more pleasant, the winters milder and the summer less extreme, so
for us the weather change is actually positive.

Generally: From May to September it does not really rain, except for a few drops maybe. From
September onwards it can rain, but fails mostly. The winters are mainly dry and since a few years it rains
more during spring. When it does rain, then it ́s mostly short showers, sometimes half a day or a night,
but not much more.
December, January, February and March are pleasantly warm during the day, on a cloudy day the
temperatures can drop to maybe 12oC and at night sometimes to as low as 5oC (plus!!), that ́s when we do
light the woodstove!
These are very beautiful and quiet months, perfect for hiking or just relaxing! During this time all our
neighbours are harvesting their olives.
From April it gets a little warmer during the days and also the nights. For us the most beautiful months
are March and April, perfect weather for hiking, everything is green and starts to bloom, the sweet scent
of the orangeblossom fills the whole valley! Should the pool be an issue, we can it easily heat it up for
you now.
May and June are beautiful months, it ́s getting warmer now and maybe a few days already quite hot, but
still very pleasant and ideal for hiking. The pool is already warm and does not need to be heated anymore.
The sea might still be rather chilly:-)
July and August can be rather hot, even though the last few years they were very pleasant, which for
here means between 30oC and 35oC during the days and below or just above 20oC at night. Now and again
we experience a short heat wave, that ́s when we look for shade or cool off in the pool:-)
September can be quite summerly at the beginning, before it starts cooling off, the nights are still very
October is a great month, still warm, it can rain now, but perfect for hiking and also the pool and the sea
are still very pleasant.
We do love November, mostly warm still during the day, at night it cools off already, but no heating yet!
The light is beautiful, everything is very quiet and peaceful and the nature is recuperating from the heat –