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Hiking in the Alpujarra

All holiday homes are perfect for a hiking holiday in Andalusia or a hiking holiday in the Alpujarras. The Alpujarra, the area on the southern slope of the Sierra Nevada, is a real hiking paradise, but not only that, the landscape, the many small villages and the atmosphere are unique in the world, possibly comparable to the area of ​​the High Atlas in Marokko.

Here and not only here, but in the whole area, there are a myriad of hikes – from simple walks to extreme mountain tours, we are happy to provide information and tips. Also ideal for a holiday with your dog in Andalusia. A beautiful and cozy 3-hour circular hike starts in Capileira (1200m) – La Cebadilla.

Another one – 5 hours, starts in Busquistar, beautiful. You can make short hikes in La Taha. For the more daring, we would recommend the climb from Trevelez (1480m) to the Siete Lagunas (2500m), preferably in June, when everything is full of spring flowers, wonderful! Or you take the daily bus (reservation required € 4.00) from Capileira to the Mirador de Trevelez (3000m), from here you can go up on the Mulhacen (3479m the highest mountain in Spain !!), the Pico Veleta (3398m) or over to the Siete Lagunas, the bus will drive you back down to the village later. An alternative would be to climb up to the Refugio Poqueira (mountain hut), where you can spend the night and then make it up to the summits and lagunas the next day.

From the holiday home in Orgiva La Rueda you can start hiking straight up into the Alpujarras, either to Busquistar or to Mecina, here you can enjoy an Argentinian pizza in La Cueva Mora de Luna with a breathtaking view of the mountain range opposite, where you can see how you came :), then you go back, that’s a full day tour. You have to visit the Alpujarra several times, the main villages are Pampaneira, Bubion and Capileira, but also Pitres or Portugos and the villages of La Taha, all unique. There is also a lot of handicrafts, pottery, weaving, leather, wood, glass, chocolate etc. … and above all the Trevelez ham is dried here – see – Andalusian cuisine and local specialties

You will also find the Buddhist monastery O Sel Ling, which was founded in 1980 and visited 2 years later by the Dalai Lama, who gave it the name. A little boy, who is believed to be the reincarnation of Lama Yeshe, also grew up here – read the book! Also recommended is the bestseller – South of Granada, by Gerald Brenan, who lived in Yegen for 7 years, or watch the film of the same name.