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Our story

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Nov 01

La Rueda refurbishing of Pool

In winter 2017/2018 we had to refurbish the pool of our holiday home La Rueda in Orgiva. As mentioned earlier on, the original pool was made from an existing irigation water deposit, against Paco, our builders, recommendation. After some years we noticed, that Paco had been right! Some cracks appeared..Read More

Jul 01

End of building works El Garzopo

Also this this time the renovation took much more time , then we anticipated. But actually all went rather smooth and without too many problems, of course in the course of all our building years we had acquired a thick skin and were used to quite a few hickups! Our..Read More

Jan 01

Renovation El Garzopo

While Jorge, the iron smith, was busy with the steel gurdles, we continued with getting the house ready for rebuilding. The beautiful and old staircase looked still good and we did think it would “survive”, but then it turned out to be rotten as well. The roof we did not..Read More

Dec 01

Refurbishing El Garzopo

In January and February 2015 we were away travelling and left Paco in charge. We thought he could prepare everything for the renovation work, like pulling down inner walls, take out the floor tiles , get rid of the rubble etc.. At that time we neither had any water connection,..Read More

Aug 01

Buying El Garzopo

Unfortunately we don ́t get any younger either, therefore we were and are still, thinking of selling our holiday rental in Guajar Faragüit, La Cueva, since it ́s about a 40 min drive one way to get there. The original idea was to sell La Cueva and then buy something..Read More

Jul 01

La Cueva end of building works

Often reality differs from ones ́ plans and ideas, we thought to finish everything by spring 2006 and put that into the different booking platforms! Luckily no bookings came then …everything took MUCH longer and at the end we worked nearly day and night! All the decorationworks and the painting..Read More

Dec 01

Reconstruction La Cueva

After having finished tidying and pulling down most of the property , we started the reconstruction in 2004. During the previous years we were refurbishing our Holiday home in Orgiva La Rueda, therefore now everything was much easier. Paco, our builder, came every day with us from Orgiva, together with..Read More

Aug 01

Finishing Pool works La Rueda

In April 2004 we started work on the pool. Up till then it was a water basin for irrigation, we had filled it with garden cuttings! Paco recommended to blow it all away and start afresh, we decided to ignore his advice, due to the fact, that no building machine..Read More

Apr 01

La Rueda Pool

In 2003 we started with the letting of the Holidayrental Orgiva, Andalucia. This was not the original idea, but when a local neighbour had a double booking and asked us to help out, we did so without any hesitation and we are letting since. At first we rented without a..Read More

Apr 01

Buying La Cueva

We were just finishing the pool of our Holidayhome in Orgiva La Rueda, when we bought the first property in Guajar Faragüit in April 2003, don ́t ask us why we did that! We really do not know and quite a few of our friends and family kind of doubted..Read More