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Lazing around the pool and a full moon walk between the olive trees

The pool areas and terraces of all our holiday rentals in Andalucia are perfect for lazing around and letting
life go by! Many a guest came with a big program worked out at home and in the end did nothing at all,
except for idling around the pool and reading books – pure holiday!!
In every house we have a selection of books.
All our rentals are full of peace and quiet and enjoy beautiful views, perfect also for the busy minds to
slow down, eventually switch off and recover. Quite a few guests meditate or do their yoga sessions on of
of our terraces.
Lie in one of the hammocks and enjoy listening to the many birds singing and take in the fragrances of the

At night sit outside and watch the clear sky counting the shooting stars, esp. during the first half of
August or watch the fruitbats fly low and dive into the pool to drink some water.
During full moon take a romantic walk through the olive trees and enjoy the magic atmosphere!
If you have the energy go for a walk during the day also….all our holiday rentals in Granada have lovely
walks nearby. Go up into the hills and find wild orchids or carnations or wild asparagus. Walk through the
many fruit trees – avocado, almonds, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, chirimoya (custard apple), nispero,
guava, mango, olive, walnut, chestnut…to name a few. If you show some interest, the locals will start a
conversation with you and you will walk home with your pockets full of fruit and maybe even vegetable!
Take the time for all above and you will fall in love with this area, as many of our guests have done. Life
here is pure bliss! Come and experience it for yourselves.