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Taking a dip in the refreshing natural pools of the Rio Verdes, Ótivar or the Rio Chillars, Nerja

If you want to be active in summer and not just sit on the beach, you will get your money’s worth in this
wonderful area!
A relatively easy and not very strenuous but very refreshing hike goes up the Rio Chillar (near Nerja) –
Los Cahorros. You walk in the river and should therefore wear good shoes that can get wet. Put on your
bathing suit and take a picnic with you.
You will always be surrounded by water, trees and local flora and also enjoy the relaxing sounds of the
region’s birds.
You often come through narrow and very high gorges, you often run in the shade, but it is also not hot in
the sun, since you are in the water, an ideal hike for the hotter summer months. Further up you will find
smaller natural pools for swimming, the further you go up, the calmer it will be and you will surely find
your “private” water hole. A really unforgettable experience!
A hike up the Rio Verde to the “Junta de los Rios” is similar. A place of exceptional natural beauty with
beautiful river pools and spectacular views. For the adventurous, there is no better way to spend a day.
The rivers Rio Verde and Rio Negro form waterfalls and crystal clear pools where you can swim. Until
recently, the river was relatively unexplored and was only used for people who do adrenaline sports,
mainly climbing and barranquismo (canyoning) – with specialist groups that take people on guided tours.
The area has opened in recent years and is now also easily accessible for individual visitors. The route is
on a gravel road – drive slowly! There is an entry fee of € 5.00 p.p. and car , so we advise you to bring a
picnic to spend the whole day there. Ask us!
These two hikes can be easily reached from the holiday home in Andalusia La Cueva and also from the
holiday homes in Orgiva El Garzopo and La Rueda.
From the holiday home in Granada La Cueva you can also walk to the next town, Guajar Alto (5km along
the road, through a small gorge and past a waterfall) or drive, about 1km outside the village, in summer
the Toba stream is dammed up to have a water hole for possible forest fires. This is the local beach, the
pool is relatively large and deep, so it is also ideal for adults. You will also find plenty of shade and picnic
Or you drive down and take the old federal road N323 and at Velez de Benaudalla is a popular “beach”
along the Rio Guadalfeo, here you will also find picnic tables and lots of shade, in summer there is even a
small kiosk open.
In the Alpujarras from Capileira you will also find hikes to waterfalls, where you can cool off in summer!
All these tips are ideal for a holiday with dog in Andalusia, or an active holiday in Andalusia, for a family
holiday in Andalusia or a holiday for two in Andalusia.