End of building works El Garzopo

Also this this time the renovation took much more time , then we anticipated. But actually all went rather
smooth and without too many problems, of course in the course of all our building years we had acquired
a thick skin and were used to quite a few hickups!
Our first guests arrived again on the 8th of July, luckily without a car, since the boiler for the heating was
still “parked” in the garage and it was far too heavy for us to move it into the heating room without help.
The plumber was here still finishing a couple of jobs and when I offered him to go upstairs to see the
house finished, he happily took his shoes off (!!) and went up. He was genuinely amazed at the result and
told us that he knows no other house in Orgiva as beautiful as this one. A lovely compliment!
The nephew of the former owners of the garden came one day to do some work in the house, had a good
look around and wanted to buy it straight away!
In the garden not all the walls had been painted yet and around the pool we left everything in white to
start with. Also the flowerbeds were not all planted yet, there was just not enough time during the
renovation, but some guests noticed it and mentioned it in their review deducting some points!!
Since then we have had many guests  and all were very amazed at the house and quite a
few compared it to a palace.
We have windows in all 4 directions, because of which it is never really too hot in the house, some guests
noticed that and talked of a natural aircooling system:-)
We are very, very happy with the outcome of all the work and invite you to come and experience this
jewel for yourselves, by staying a few days.
This holiday home in Orgiva El Garzopo is ideal for a family holiday in Andalucia or a hiking holiday in
the Alpujarras or the Sierra Nevada, or a holiday for two in Granada or even a long term rental in