Tijola 84, 18400 Orgiva, Spanien
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Terms and Conditions

Travel conditions

Andalucia Rural (hereinafter referred to as AR) La Cueva (La Estrella & El Sol), El Garzopo, La Rueda

Los Agustines, Tijola 84, E-18400 Orgiva, Granada, España

Homepage: www.andaluciarural.eu
Contact: info@andaluciarural.eu

Booking, Travel confirmation

The booking can be made in writing or via the Internet at AR. Upon booking, you offer AR the conclusion of the final travel contract, your booking will be binding until written confirmation of AR. The travel contract is concluded by a written travel confirmation (by Internet via E-mail) by AR, which occurs immediately. The correction of obvious errors, e.g.due to printing or calculation errors or assignment errors on the Internet is reserved.
Special requests are only valid if confirmed in writing by AR.

Payments, Travel documents

The deposit is 20 % of the travel price. The travel confirmation is your travel document and simultaneously the binding acceptance of the AR travel contract offer you offer. The remaining balance is to be paid according to the instructions in the confirmation, in any case at the latest in cash once you are here.

Local extra service charges

Are all listed in the travel confirmation. Additional costs such as e.g.. dinner or breakfast at La Rueda, or other extra costs such as eg. Homemade jams, our own olive oil, postcards, firewood etc.. will be billed locally according to use.


The rentals will be fully cleaned before your arrival and will include all bedsheets, towels and kitchen towels – with the exception of pool/beach towels, which we ask you to bring yourselves. We shall give a change of sheets and towels every 7 days, without any extra charge. There is no extra charge for the cleaning when you leave, but we do expect our guests to leave the houses in an orderly and precleaned condition.

Extra beds

Can be provided on request. The rentals, however, do have a maximum occupancy number. The basic rental price is for the occupancy of 2 people – for each additional guest an extra fee applies per night, as quoted in the advert. The rental property may not be occupied by more persons than the maximum occupancy stated. The specified maximum number also includes children. Are more guests using the house, than agreed on in the contract, AR has the right to ask you to leave immediately, without any right of reimbursement.


Are allowed in principle (except in El Garzopo), when mentioned at the time of booking. There are no additional costs. It is, though, expected, that your pet(s) is/are well-behaved and do not cause any damage, otherwise we will need to charge for it.


In all rentals crockery and cutlery is provided and sufficient for the number of guests booked. A refrigerator is provided in each house as basic equipment and is therefore not explicitly mentioned in the item description. All other technical appliances such as Oven, Microwave, Dishwasher, Coffee maker are only available, when they are explicitly mentioned in the description. In the advert we mention garden furniture, it is not mandatory though that there is a garden / deck chair available for each person.

Deposit and care

Renting any house you will have the right to use said property including furniture and utensils. You agree to, to treat the property and its inventory and community facilities with the utmost care. You are required, to replace any damage during the rental period caused by your fault or the fault of your companions or guests. AR is entitled, to require a reasonable deposit. The deposit shall be deposited in cash. The deposit will be refunded upon proper return of the rented property in cash.

Arrival and Departure

The arrival time is variable and depends on the request of the guests, but it needs to be agreed on beforehand. AR ensures the reception and key collection. On departure, according to the booking confirmation the rentals have to be left the latest by 11am, unless otherwise arranged.


For the scope and type of the services to be provided by AR within the framework of the travel contract, only the descriptions, illustrations and price information on the AR website are valid, which are valid for the travel period.


You can cancel at any time prior to arrival. Important is the receipt of the cancellation notice by AR. In your own interest the cancellation needs to be in writing via E-mail and is only recognized as such, once AR acknowledges receipt of E-mail.
Generally we will try to rent the house to another guest, if that is possible, we would or reimburse your down payment fully or keep it for a future holiday.
Our flat-rate claim for cancellation fees for holiday apartments and houses is:
– up to 61 days before arrival 20 % of the travel price
– from 60. to 35. day before arrival 50 % of the travel price
– from 34. to 2. day before arrival 80 % of the travel price
– if canceled later, No show or premature discontinuation of travel the full price will be due/charged.
Notwithstanding the provisions mentioned under withdrawal procedure is, if you exercise your right, to provide an equivalent replacement tenant. A prerequisite is, however, that AR is informed in good time prior to arrival with a binding notice, so that the necessary new dispositions may be made. Requirement is further, that the replacement tenant meet the specific needs of the travel and legal regulations or administrative orders do not preclude him/her. With the confirmation of the name change by AR, the new tenants will assume the rights and obligations of the travel contract.
Advance payments are not reimbursed but are settled between the original tenant and the replacement tenant without AR’s influence.

Cancellation by AR

AR can cancel the travel contract before or after the start of the trip:
a) without observing a deadline if the traveler permanently disrupts the execution of the trip or other travelers despite a warning or jeopardizes others through his behavior or otherwise behaves contrary to the contract.
b) without observing a deadline if the implementation of the trip is made significantly more difficult, endangered or impaired as a result of force majeure or strikes which were not foreseeable when the contract was concluded.
If AR cancels the travel contract in accordance with point a), the travel price is forfeited. If AR withdraws from the contract in accordance with b), all amounts paid will be refunded immediately; further claims are excluded. If AR cancels the contract in accordance with b) after the start of the trip, you will get back the part of the trip price that corresponds to the saved expenses of AR.

Change of agreement

If the trip cannot be carried out in accordance with the contract as a result of a circumstance that occurred after the contract was concluded and for which the AR is not responsible, AR is entitled to change travel services, provided that the deviation from the originally booked service is objectively insignificant and reasonable for the traveler as well as the overall layout of the trip.


AR is liable for the due diligence of a prudent businessman
a) the conscientious travel preparation
b) the proper provision of the travel services agreed in the travel contract.
Liability for occasional failures or malfunctions in the water and / or energy supply is excluded, as is liability for the permanent operational readiness of facilities such as heating, swimming pools, Wi-Fi etc. AR is liable for damage that is not bodily harm limited to 1 times the travel price, insofar as damage to the traveler was not caused intentionally or through gross negligence. Other claims for damages against AR are excluded.

Obligation to cooperate, guarantee, exclusion of claims, limitation period

Within the framework of the statutory provisions, you are obliged to do everything reasonable to help to rectify the disruption and to minimize or prevent any damage that may arise. This results in particular in the obligation to report complaints immediately.
If you discover any defects, you can request remedy directly from AR.
You can file claims against AR in writing within one month. Please by post / registered mail to the above Address of AR. The prerequisite is that the travel service or the replacement service you have accepted has not been provided in accordance with the contract, that you have notified the defect immediately and that there has been no adequate remedy. If the trip is significantly affected by defects, you can cancel the travel contract. Your claims against AR expire after one year. The limitation period begins on the day on which the trip should end according to the contract.

Assignment ban

An assignment of claims against AR to third parties, including spouses and relatives, is excluded. Likewise, the judicial assertion of claims of the travel participant by third parties in its own name is not permitted.


We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance when booking. We are happy to arrange this for you – the insurance premiums may be due together with the down payment.