Reconstruction La Cueva

After having finished tidying and pulling down most of the property , we started the reconstruction in
2004. During the previous years we were refurbishing our Holiday home in Orgiva La Rueda, therefore
now everything was much easier. Paco, our builder, came every day with us from Orgiva, together with
his helper, actually most other workmen came from Orgiva as well. In the winter 2003/2004 we cut a
lorry load of reeds down by our river. The cutting was fine, but the peeling took ages and all our visitors
during that time learned how to do it:-)
As before, we tried again to use as much as possible local building materials. Besides the reeds, we used
the terracotta floor tiles and other terracotta decoration materials from the family factory north of
Granada, handmade tiles for the kitchens and bathrooms and Zoga, a handmade string made of Esparto –
a local grass, that is cut in summer, then soaked in water during a few weeks, before it is beaten wood
onto wood, to make it pliable for weaving. An art, that is only done by old men here and therefore
unfortunately quickly dying out! All in all we used 1000m of Zoga between both houses! Most of the
ceilings were made of reeds, that are held together with Zoga, just like in the olden days.
When we bought the house we did not realize, just what wonderful views we would have, since the roofs
had caved in, so when the roof top terrace was finished and we could climb up, we had a very pleasant
and happy surprise.
Come and see for yourselves. Spend your holidays with your pet, or a family holiday in Andalucia, a
hiking holiday in the Alpujarra or come even for a long term rent in Andalucia.