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Andalusian cuisine and local specialties

Andalusische Küche und einheimische Spezialitäten

After Andalusia was one of Europe’s poorhouses for a long time, the cuisine here is rather simple and down-to-earth, but really good. You also notice the strong influence of the Moors. Down on the coast you will of course find a lot of seafood and fish, which are always at the top of the menu for the Spaniards. Inland, too, the fish vendors come every day, except Sun and Mon, as there is no fishing on Saturdays and Sundays.
If you are in the holiday home in Andalusia La Cueva, go up to the bar La Parada, where the boss cooks herself or drive to Guajar Alto and eat with Carmen, who often makes specialties like choto or conejo (kit or rabbit), at the weekend people come to eat from far away!

For the holiday homes in Orgiva El Garzopo and La Rueda, Orgiva has some restaurants that we can recommend, ask us.You can also eat excellently up in the Alpujarras (Restaurante Casa Julio in Pampaneira and many more) e.g. Plato Alpujarreño – papas a lo pobre (poor people’s potatoes, a local specialty) with Trevelez ham, black pudding and fried egg, or Migas, a kind of kouskous with sardines. Also pisto con huevos (ratatouille with fried egg). Another way to taste the local cuisine are the tapas, which you can get for free with almost every drink, such as berejena frita con miel (fried eggplant with molasse). Or you can try one of the menus del dia (except weekends), the 3 course daily menu, each course has 4-5 dishes to choose from, mostly a drink and bread is included – from € 8.00 !! Take the flan or arroz con leche for dessert.

The Alpujarra and especially Trevelez are known for the air-dried ham that can be seen hanging in the drying houses. In the villages there are many shops where you can try all kinds of ham and local cheese, a glass of wine from the Contraviesa (Piedra Blanca for example) and you will rave about it !!
At the end of summer, the Spaniards come to the Alpujarras and buy WHOLE legs of ham, which they then have in their kitchen and slowly consume over the winter.
Take a wine tour in the Contraviesa, opposite the holiday home in Andalusia La Rueda, past cork trees! Ask us!
In Pampaneira there is also a chocolate factory where you can try countless varieties before buying, e.g. Figs dipped in chocolate or fresh raspberries (from the region!) coated with white chocolate … in summer, they always make their own ice cream with a chocolate taste as a base.

Fig trees grow all over the area, bearing fruit twice a year, the first are ripe in June and are called brebas, followed by the figs (higos) – try the dried figs or the fig bread. There are also many, many almond trees (which will bloom from February!) And therefore many specialties with almonds, or walnuts and chestnuts.
There are fewer cakes or pies, but whenever there is a party, people make buñuelos or roscos, super delicious !!
For breakfast, you eat churros con chocolate – the hot chocolate is so thick that it’s almost a pudding! Or you try the standard breakfast – tostada de tomate with café con leche!
Spain has a large coffee culture that is at least as pronounced as in Italy or Austria. You see the physical well-being comes first by far – another reason why we feel soooo happy here !!